Tuesday, March 3, 2009

what the morning brings and what i couldn't

it is 6:47 am and i've been awake for about an hour and  half. i slept for roughly 3 hours on the floor of the computer lab in carriage house because i was out here super late after just straight PUTTING OFF my only two not-so-difficult home work assignments; instead, i rolled deep with a crew, had a few cheap thrills, and went to syracuse for some love.
i figured it wasn't worth heading back to my dorm in the bitter bitter bitter dry cold cold because i would only have to be back here by 9am. and i can't find my keys these days.
i'm about to head out though because i'm starved and then come back for class.

tried to make a video with these details. i still don't know if i can work a mac or what.

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