Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On Rainbows and Space: 3

Not Wearing Shoes

No one can tell to wear shoes!
No one can tell you to do anything, really.

Everyone is an agent of action, of change. You are free to be, think, enact as you want, as you truly are, and no one should stop you. At the end of the day you are the only person to hinder your performance, your agency to perform. If you do not want to wear shoes, do not wear shoes! No one can tell you to wear shoes.

However! Know that, yes, there are exceptions: first and foremost, consider if your health or someone else’s can be put into jeopardy by your action. Be conscious of your the decision to wear or not wear your shoes. Consider the decision, as you would a restraint-strap in a car. Even if the risk is low, you still know that there is a chance of being thrown around by some uncontrollable force. To jeopardize your well being, or another’s, for a cause is ultimately useless and will most likely ruin your cause. Therefore, your actions and your requests of others should not, and furthermore, cannot pose a logical threat.

Act clearly and honestly. Root every intention in value and truth and demonstrate this to every other live creature. Being bare footed will not stop you from participating in activities or engaging in your work, your contribution to good. You have a right. Everyone else has the same right. If your argument can help their argument, you have just realized a common desire between conscious beings; you built a new bridge (a new construction and a new transgression).
Root yourself in logic.
Do not make enemies.
Your adversaries must be the ones who introduce their malefice to you.
If you introduce someone to reasons for our lifestyle, be prepared that they can and may counter your argument. If you reject their lifestyle, they will resent yours and you have still gained nothing.
If you take away the reasons they have for their way of being, then they cannot refute yours.

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