Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On Rainbows and Space: 1.

America is Rainbows; Everything is Rainbows

In the 21st Century, America is no longer a melting pot, if we ever were. The flavors which we lend cannot all blend together. Our time has been pronounced as a participatory culture, a convergent culture; we are the information age, prophesized to soon enter the conceptual age. Each title conveys a sense of individualism and personal agency. We interact with other agents, but we always still maintain our terministic screens through which we filter content back out into application. This being said, we must remember that after some time, solutions always separate. Compounds with the least density rise to surface. The densest, the thickest, the most viscous, sink to the bottom.
If I am conscientious to conditioning, then when I allow myself to submit or follow another, it is only because I can trust that they will not remove my agency, but assist me in expanding. That willingness to fall back or pick up is intimacy at its deepest. My vision is to recognize that every one of us is one stripe of color. Some of us are analogous, complementary, of duller chroma or a purer hue; some are of shared light, some amalogous – but any combination can be useful and worth consideration for the right composition. And when we unify, it can be the most remarkable thing ever.

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