Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On Rainbows and Space: 4

Don’t Fight Dirty; Play Rough.

Make people uncomfortable:

Make the Man-Villagers aware. They may have never thought before that they have been acting on a structure and without secure basis.

Do not threaten a bigger structure from one that you are already standing on.
If people can see that a Man Village was settled on terrain much higher than the frontier, the jump may be too great for them to fall at once. The self-conscious gets too cold too suddenly without a comfort blanket. They must be allowed to adapt. Let it seem like it was their idea the whole time. They may be inspired. Thus, it is your duty as an agent of action to inspire and facilitate inspiration. Every one person has influence to a body that you, alone, cannot not access on your own.

So never believe that you don’t need anyone.

Our goal is to use, shape and change, the concept of monster within the Man-Village. Act as the monster and with the monster, but in a way that no one could ever consider it monstrous.
But know that we don’t want for anyone to sense that they are being projected as monsters, either.
Remember: We need every light to reflect in order to make a rainbow.

For the law lovers, know the law.

For the moralists, demonstrate the morality.

For the winners, reason why they can’t lose.

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