Sunday, January 9, 2011



Thank you so much for the fur. I'm going to take great care of it. It's going to be beautiful in my home. How should I try to hang it?
My vacation was good. A little overwhelming at times. My friends and I together are exciting people who put forth everything they can to experience with feeling and thought, but we're young and sometimes there are too many of us, and we don't know how to always do that positively or at all, try as best we can. I think I did my best and I am very happy and grateful for my time back in Syracuse. I practiced singing quite a bit with my friends who play in a band. I made a couple small collages that I think are good. I practiced driving a lot. I watched television, which was a treat. Had a good Post-Christmas with Dad, Vicky, Nicolette and Marco and his girlfriend, Janine. Nicolette visiting was very good and we spent a good amount of time with her. I decided to come to Geneva early for some rest and prepare myself for this play I am about to begin rehearsing. My house mate just moved in yesterday. He is working on this play with me, and has just spent the past semester in Wales taking acting lessons. He's very talented and easy going. I'm excited to live with him.

Take care, I love you


Hello beautiful grandaughter, today friday seven I sent the peruvian
I believe alpaca fur, to your address in Geneva. Hopefully you will receive it early next week. Now tell me about your vacation, are you fully recharge for the coming semester ? I wish you the best. Grandpa.

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