Monday, December 6, 2010

Truths of the day

You know it's finals when: You have to walk out of class to get a hold of yourself from crying through your quiz and you find some other woman in another class doing the same.

My landlord is harrassing me about our business arrangement to get his houses rented for him next year and I did the unthinkably-Reina and fucking called my daddy on him.

Fernando, I hope you didn't blow it and I can still try to get the thousand bucks per house if I land them next semester... but it can't happen until next semester, and I can't have him calling and texting me at all hours of every day. When he's calling more than my father, brother, best friends and housemate combined, we have a problem; It's refreshing to hear my father say what he knows is a truth for me and has always been: I can do anything I put my mind to, but I can only put my mind on so many things, and it's impossible for me to work under someone else's pressure." Possibly cliche? It's the first thing that I would call it if someone else said it. But he's right; that shit ruins me.

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