Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh, Charlotte.

Faulkner has a short story called Wild Palms that describes Faulkner's take of the emerging modern woman. And she is finally all woman. Her name is Charlotte Rittenmeyer.

This is her deal.

This character convinces me that if I were to live in any other time period that I would be a tragedy because how she loves is how I think that I love.

Charlotte, in 1930's Chicago, can only die to put to rest her destroyed love. Manifested in her unwanted pregnancy.
(And then, at the end of Modernism, late 1960's New York, Valarie Solanas shot Andy Warhol. So that is my other proof.)

I don't know. I still feel like I could slip past my time.

I highly recommend a reading of Wild Palms. Often, it is included a half of a novel called If I Forget Thee, Jerusalum. The entire book has another great story called "The Old Man". In total, the page length is around 3 hundred the Wild Palms is just shy of 130, max.

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